Miniature Guns

Jim does a great quality work on miniature guns as well. These little firearms are delicate, as you browse through these photos, notice how Jim's engravings remain balanced and in proportion with the guns. He is able to keep the scenes vivid. Hunting scenes and other engravings are simplified to allow enough detail to be noticeable and kept realistic.


Notice how the reduced size of the engraving does not impair the quality of the rendering

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Copy of Historical Gun

This item was a reproduction from a picture taken of a full size gun in a museum. We try to incorporate as many details from the original larger-sized engraving photo, without compromising the engraving ...

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Unique Jim Blair Design

Here's an example of a Miniature Gun with an engraving from Jim Blair's inspiration. 

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Winchester Pump 22

This miniature gun is a reproduction of a Winchester Model 1890 - a stock pattern

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