Welcome to Jim Blair's website

Jim is an artist and master engraver with a master engraver ranking in the Firearms Engravers Guild of America and by the Colt Firearms Company.  Jim engraves on custom rifles, shotguns, pistols and custom knives employing the hand engraving methods. Jim will engrave on the semi-custom and factory firearms and knives with the same enthusiasm as the custom work is done. His engraving also includes watches and jewelry, intaglio engraving for engraved prints. The engraved prints consist of limited edition and open ended editions. All of these intaglio prints are printed in house on an etching press.

Custom engraving is tailored more to the client’s wishes. Jim will normally work with a modified arabesque scroll, banknote scroll or English scroll. He will go outside of these scrolls to please the client though. He is competent in all precious metal inlays, including line inlays, scroll inlaid or animal and bird inlays. Game scenes range from the head only to a scene with one or more animals or birds, these game scenes can be completed in a variety of ways. From sculpture steel or gold inlay to using fine line, banknote, bulino or any combination.

Jim prefers to give the scroll a life of its own. The scroll should be well shaded giving depth, form and life. The flow should take you along and through the scroll and letting your eye flow from the scroll onto the other parts of the firearm, knife or jewelry.