Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

The first item will be to discuss the type of firearm and what you are wanting to have engraved.  Except for the simplest engravings we will need to discuss this back and forth.  I can then acquire a sense of what you are expecting. This is all custom hand engraving that to a certain point, is all tailored to the client.


What will be the cost?

The cost depends upon several factors.  Some of these factors will be the gun and what parts are to be engraved, precious metal inlays flush or sculptured; animal, birds, people or scene, type of scrolls, backgrounds, fine line and bulino or sculptured engraving, etc.

Lettering can be quoted by the letter. The price depends upon the size and style. Sometimes the gun and where the lettering will be engraved will affect the price. Lettering can be gold inlaid.


When will you be able to get to my job and how long will it take?

It normally takes me 6-12 months to get started on a new job.  For small jobs like lettering I can usually work these in within a month.


Can I supply a design?

Yes. I can work from your design or photos. If we are using a photo that you are to supply, then the better the quality the better for me.  I prefer to use my own scroll but I am always open to your suggestions.


Can I ship a firearm directly to you?

Yes, I am in possession of a Federal Firearms License. I am required to have this to engrave on your firearm, to ship and received firearms.


How should the gun be prepared for engraving?

I prefer that the gun be polished to around a 600 finish and only the parts to be engraved sent to me. If this is a custom gun, then the gunmaker will send it to me in this state. If this is a factory gun and you do not have someone to do the polish on the gun then I can do it or have it done. This adds to the cost and the time frame.


How are inlays done?

Inlays are mechanically held in place. The channel is engraved. Then the edges are undercut. This is similar to a dovetail. If a large inlay is being done the cavity will have burrs raised in several directions to hold the inlay.


What are the different styles of engraving?

Basically we have what could be considered three different styles of engraving.

  • Bulino.  To Americans this is using dots. This is mainly used on animals, birds and scenes.
  • Fine line or bank note.  This is the use of engraved lines.
  • Sculptured.  This can be done with no background removal, bias, or a deep background removal.


What type of finish is best on the engraved gun?

This depends upon the gun, style of engraving and your personal taste.  Usually, for the engraving to show the best, a French grey would be the choice. If there are a lot of inlays then one of the blue finishes might be the best choice.


Do you do teach engraving?

Yes I will teach engraving. My studio is small, I can handle one maybe two pupils at a time. I can teach hammer and chisel, push or pneumatically assist engraving.  I can give you instructions from basic to advanced. We can do it by the hour, day or week. I have taught engraving at the Cody Firearms Museum and Trinidad State College. Contact me for further information.