Floor Plates

Various Engraved Floor Plates,

An engraved Cape Buffalo with an open arabesque scroll, sometimes refered to as German Black Leaf scroll. This is on a Win. model 70 by MG Arms.

The Elephant is engraved in a bulino style using mainly lines. The leafy scroll is shaded with fine lines that flow with the scroll with depth added by a cross hatch technique. The scroll is a bias relief. After the floor plate was blued the scroll and elephant was finished in a French grey. The outline of Africa is a flush gold inlay inclosing the elephant. The rifle is built by Roger Green.

A floor plate with English scroll and rose. The scroll deviates from typical English scroll by being a little larger and elongated .

A pair of Winchester Model 70s. The Elephant is on a 458 Lott with the Leopard on a 375 H&H. Both the animals and scroll are in  a slight relief. The pair of rifles were built by Ross Billingsley.

A butt plate and floor plate with an African Lion theme.The floor plate uses a stipled background with the scroll. The rifle was made by John Bollinger