Jim Blair's Biography

I was born in Lander, Wyoming. I have lived my entire life in Wyoming. The various jobs I have around the state have been working on ranches, employment in the US Forrest Service., auto body repairman and painter, a welder in a coal mine, and also as a teacher of engraving and auto body repair

My quest to become an engraver started in the 70's. Wanting to learn more about gunsmithing and advance my knowledge I was watching an engraver while I was learning checkering. I knew right there that I would rather engrave than checker. I have had the opportunity to study under well known engravers such as John Barraclough, Sam Welch, Bob Swartly, Winston Churchill, Ken Hunt (England), Creative Art (Italy), Philippe Griffnee (Belgium), and Alain Lovenberg (Belgium). In 1993 I took the opportunity to open a full time engraving studio here in Glenrock, Wyoming.

I am a life member in the National Rifle Association, a certified professional engraver in the Firearms Engravers Guild of America and past vice president, an engraving regular member in the American Custom Gunmakers Guiild of America.

Being a native to Wyoming. I have always had a strong interest in hunting; I apply my knowledge and observation of animals to breath life into the animals that I engrave. I approach the animals and game scenes the same way I will do the scrolls making everything look as if it has a life of its own.